John Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Healthcare Bluebook, John leads the finance and corporate administration functions for the company. As Bluebook’s steady growth continues, his pivotal role includes positioning the company’s financial and administrative systems to efficiently handle the challenges that come with ongoing change through expansion.

From day one, Bluebook has placed a grand premium on finding and retaining excellent people that get the ‘why’ behind Bluebook’s mission to protect patients. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work alongside these great people who love helping and serving our clients every single day.

John joined Bluebook in 2014 as Director of Operations and quickly moved up to Vice President of Finance before serving in his current role as CFO.

Previously, John led the successful turn-around of one of Nashville’s oldest and largest athletic facilities. After completely retooling the businesses and returning it to profitability, he facilitated the sale of the facility to a private investment group.

John has lived in Nashville for over 10 years and loves the city, but with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems from the University of Texas at Austin, he says that Texas will always be home.

Our Leadership

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John Sullivan

Chief Financial Officer

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