Erik Nicholson

Chief Information Officer

Erik is an information technology (IT) executive with 25 years of experience developing and leading the implementation of strategic IT plans. His expertise includes building and developing cross-functional teams and overseeing operations for major business units. Throughout his career, Erik has spearheaded enterprise-level technology projects and standardized development and operational processes across enterprises. As Chief Information Officer for Healthcare Bluebook.

“Implementing good technology and process is hard, failing to do it is ultimately harder.”

Erik has responsibility for the following:

    • Information Security
    • Software Development and QA
    • DevOps
    • Network Infrastructure
    • End-User Support
    • Project Management

As a founding member of Bluebook, Erik developed the early versions of the Healthcare Bluebook web site, conceptualized and scaled Bluebook’s data security infrastructure, developed a team of dedicated healthcare IT professionals.

In previous roles, Erik served as Director of Web Development for Healthways where he was responsible for the company’s web strategy and oversaw the development of all consumer-facing applications and components.

Prior to Healthways, as a principal consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Erik managed IT projects for large clients, including Motorola, Keebler, Anheuser-Busch, Zurich American, and Sodexho Marriott.

Before joining Healthcare Bluebook, Erik was a Principal at North Highland where he sold and delivered IT strategy, implementation and development projects for a variety of companies.

Erik is a dedicated Oklahoma Sooner and willing to support essentially anyone trying to win any kind of remotely athletic contest with the University of Texas.

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