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Personal guidance to high-value providers

High-value—where high-quality and Fair Price™ meet. In today’s highly complex healthcare market where extreme quality and cost variances exist between facilities, personal guidance to high-value care has never been more crucial.

In-network quality and price disparity

Using the same pioneering methodology that made Bluebook the industry leader in healthcare cost and quality transparency, our data reveal why employers’ annual medical benefits spend continues to spin out of control.

  • Prices for the same procedure between facilities in the same market—even in-network—can vary by as much as 1,000%
  • Extreme quality variances: Not all physicians and facilities are great at everything
  • Less than 1/3 of enrolled members choose high-value providers

The need to develop a strategy to ensure employee safety and contain costs is more urgent than ever.

Personal guidance through a member concierge

Using historical data, Bluebook has identified the most common complex, high-cost procedures that present substantial cost savings opportunities for both employers and employees when care is received from providers that consistently deliver high-quality services at a Fair PriceSM.

Enrolled members who require complex procedures have access to a Bluebook CareConnect member concierge who walks them through every step of their care journey.

Not a bot or automated service. A concierge is a real person who listens, empathizes, and provides personal guidance that brings peace of mind.

Shot of a handsome young businessman wearing headsets while working on a computer in his office

The member concierge works directly with enrolled members to:

  • Identify the highest-value in-network providers for their needs
  • Schedule care with the chosen provider and manage all essential details, including medical records transfers
  • Provide support from the first appointment through follow-up post procedure

Satisfaction, Savings, and Safety


5/5 stars in member satisfaction


Savings and safety on every case, guaranteed


50% or more savings on complex hard-to-move cases

Bluebook CareConnect In-Network Navigation

Your personal connection to high-qualty care and extraordinary cost savings. Contact us today for details.