Zack Samples

Chief Operating Officer

Over the past 15 years, Zack Samples has developed his expertise in advanced analytics and operational experience with a focus on the healthcare industry. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Healthcare Bluebook, Zack is responsible for leading the successful growth and coordination of a broad set of functions that includes advanced analytics, information technology (IT), product development and client services.

As a founding member of Healthcare Bluebook, Zack developed analytics IP and processes that positioned the company for rapid growth, which led to his role as Senior Vice President of Analytics. As SVP, Zack led the analytic and data operation functions that drive Bluebook’s cost and quality transparency solutions.

Prior to Bluebook, Zack was a leader in the analytics group of the Nashville-based utilization management company, MedSolutions, where he developed industry-leading predictive modeling capabilities, and excelled at leveraging the company’s data assets to bridge gaps between clinical best practices and operational efficiency.

Zack began his career at Healthways where he served in a variety of pivotal roles. As a statistician in the Center for Health Research, he provided analytical insights related to program effectiveness and outcomes and was a key contributor in the Innovation and Insights group where he applied his analytic expertise toward product development initiatives.

Zack is a Nashville native and holds a Bachelor of Science in mathematical statistics from the University of South Carolina.

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