• Market positioning

    Are you the low cost, high value provider?
    Do you want to promote a service line?
    Steer patients towards your center of excellence?
    Healthcare Bluebook can ensure your patients know you care about their financial well-being
  • Increase patient volume

    You are in the PPO Network - your name is in their directory, and that is it
    Has the PPO ‘steered’ any patients to you? Not likely
    Healthcare Bluebook promotes your value proposition to local employers and directly to your patients
  • Patients earn rewards for using your services

    Be recognized as the high value provider in your market
    Employers reward their employees for using your services
    Healthcare Bluebook offers a unique program that puts money in the patient’s pocket for using your services
  • Service Line Promotion

    Use Healthcare Bluebook to promote your health services:
    Women’s health
    Imaging centers
    Sleep studies
    Surgery centers
  • Centers of Excellence

    Patients will travel to get the best care
    And more so when they also get the best value
    Working with Healthcare Bluebook can help your organization reach a national audience
  • On line appointment scheduling

    Your patients get off at 5. You close at 5.
    Let Healthcare Bluebook connect patients to you 24/7
  • The Healthcare Bluebook Price Guarantee

    Attract patients that have HDHPs and care about high costs; without lowering your contracted rates with insurers
    Ask Healthcare Bluebook about our price guarantee program