Same Procedure. Different Price.

When prices for the same in-network procedure vary by 600%, chances are you and your employees are paying way more than necessary.

What is the Fair Price?

Bluebook’s Fair Price™ is the reasonable amount you should pay for a medical service. It’s calculated from a nationwide database of medical payment data and customized to your geographic area.

Image showing Bluebook Fair Price MRI Cost
Image showing differing procedure prices in an area


Prices Are a Mystery

Where can you find the best deal?

Good luck with that.

With a total lack of transparency, it’s impossible to know the Fair Price to pay, or where to go to find it.


Fair Price Transparency

Get price and provider information in just two clicks.

Healthcare Bluebook’s online healthcare shopping solution makes it simple to find high-quality, cost-effective facilities and physicians. It’s never been easier to save.

Image showing how Fair Price Transparency works for consumers
Image showing how quality rankings can be misleading


Misleading Quality Rankings

Things aren't always what they seem.

Just because a hospital has an overall high quality ranking doesn’t mean it excels in all areas. For example, a facility might score high overall - but low in the procedure that a consumer needs. Without quality transparency, there’s no way of knowing.


Smart Quality Transparency

Get the whole story.

Bluebook takes a deeper dive into specific clinical categories to provide more detailed and accurate quality rankings. With quality transparency, you can rest assured you’re always getting the highest quality care for the best price.

Image showing how Bluebook displays transparent quality rankings

Take healthcare price and quality transparency for a spin

See for yourself just how easy cutting healthcare spending can be.

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