Search, compare, and save in one simple platform

We made Bluebook easy to use and understand for one simple reason: to protect consumers from low-quality, high-cost healthcare.

It starts with a
simple search

Our intuitive search engine is user-friendly and supports natural language text that enables users to find thousands of shoppable healthcare procedures.

Members can search by physician, facility, or procedure to compare information and find the care that's right for them.


Bluebook + a robust engagement plan creates a winning combination

Compare cost and quality data

Did you know that the biggest driver of healthcare costs isn’t the doctor … it’s the facility? And there is no correlation between cost and quality. Low-quality facilities often charge some of the highest fees.

Up to 30% of your company’s healthcare costs come from what we call shoppable procedures.

Employees want and need cost and quality information


People with $500-$3,000 deductibles who actively seek price and quality information

(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)


People who have used sites like Bluebook say they would use it again

(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)


Increase in employee deductibles since 2006

(Kaiser Family Foundation)

Go Green to Get Green™

Offering incentives and shared savings encourages smart shopping for impactful procedures.


Useful information at a glance

Transparency is our specialty. But we know that it’s only one part of an organization’s consumer-driven benefits plan.

We’ll integrate with and even train your other benefits vendors on how they can use Bluebook to help your members.

Analytics and reporting

Bluebook includes a comprehensive analytics dashboard that illustrates the exact movement from high-cost to high-value providers.

Based on these insights, Bluebook can tailor solutions to optimize your savings potential.

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Bluebook’s employer solution

Find out how employers are using Bluebook’s simple solution to cut their annual healthcare spend.

Take a closer look

Don’t be fooled by Bluebook’s simplicity. We’re powered by some serious data and science.