Singular strategic focus

Since 2007, we’ve been the leader in healthcare transparency.
It’s all we do, which is why we’re the best at it.

Cut healthcare costs

Save $1,500 on average each time an enrolled member uses Bluebook.


Keep work off your desk

100% on-time implementations with minimal time needed from you.


Make employees happy

Our easy-to-use tool helps decrease healthcare costs and increase satisfaction.


Learn how a self-insured education system increased use of high-value providers by 200%

Data you can trust

Bluebook’s Fair Price estimates are based on real claims data on thousands of shoppable  procedures.

Quality rankings are based on the largest audited data set in the industry.

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Bluebook integrates with existing benefits programs

We support your other benefits programs with seamless integration capabilities.

The secret to our success isn’t a secret

Easy-to-use tool

See how easy it is to find high-quality, cost-effective healthcare providers.

Engagement experts

Empowering your employees with everything they need to save on care, driving employee utilization and rapid program ROI.

Enhance your benefits plan with Bluebook


Identify savings opportunities

See where you’re overpaying and learn how much Bluebook can help you save.


Lean on us for support

From implementation to member engagement, we’ve got you covered.


Access analytics dashboards

Reporting is based on real movement from high-cost to high-value providers.

Since 2007, every Bluebook enterprise client has experienced a positive ROI in the first year.