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What is a Bluebook-rated procedure?

A Bluebook-rated procedure is a procedure that has a high frequency and high cost and/or quality variance. We currently have over 1,000 Bluebook-rated procedures.

What are other common Bluebook procedures and how do they differ from Bluebook-rated procedures?

Most of the procedures that don't meet the criteria to be Bluebook-rated will still have a Bluebook Fair Price to help you shop for care and/or negotiate with providers. A small percentage of procedures that are too infrequently performed to have a Fair Price calculated will not be displayed on the Bluebook site.

Bluebook Cash Price Program

The Bluebook Cash Price program helps you find providers who agree to charge at least 10% less than the Bluebook Fair Price for the Physician portion of the total Fair Price. Any other fees are not included and should be verified before your appointment.​

By choosing a Bluebook Cash Price provider, you can be confident that you are getting a great price for the procedure you need.​

The Cash Price Certificate cannot be used with commercial insurance and is not applicable to Medicare or Medicaid recipients.​