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Get an Expert Medical Opinion

The Value of an Expert Medical Opinion

Pricing transparency is only the first step in making an informed decision. Quality and outcomes are also important when facing serious medical decisions associated with a new diagnosis or recommendation for surgery that are overwhelming and confusing.

"Nearly 30% of medical conditions are misdiagnosed and can result in testing, surgeries, and treatments that are unnecessary or inappropriate."

Medical outcomes are often predicated on confirming your diagnosis and designing the right treatment plan at the onset of your condition to ensure best possible outcomes.

Access to medical research and top specialists can be the key to confirming your diagnosis early on in the process and ensuring that you are getting the right care at the right time - no more and no less than what you need - to solve our healthcare challenge.

Through our partnership with PinnacleCare, you can access additional medical research and resources to help you identify top specialists to confirm your diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

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