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Cost Transparency

Your employees are overpaying for their healthcare — and you can help them save.

Prices for healthcare procedures vary by 500% or more — even within the same network. Most employees don't know how much health services should cost and are shopping in the dark for their care. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Healthcare Bluebook makes it easy for your employees to both know the Fair Price for medical procedures and find the nearest healthcare providers that offer fair prices — all in just a few clicks.

Quality Transparency

Conventional quality metrics don't tell the whole story. Get the bigger picture with smarter data.

Most quality rankings are general in nature and typically only provide an overall score for a hospital. Unfortunately, this is misleading as no hospital is a top performer across every clinical category. Even the nation's highest quality hospitals are low performers for some procedures.

Healthcare Bluebook ranks all hospitals nationally by procedure to show your employees the top and bottom performing hospitals in their local market. This ensures that your employees get the highest levels of care for the actual medical procedures that they need.


Simple to use. Seamless to implement. Savings are just around the corner.

Smart Analytics

Everything we do is data driven — because smarter data analytics means smarter decisions.

Our data analytics help you discover exactly how cost and quality variance affects your health plan performance — and impacts employees' costs — so you can identify the best way to create savings for your organization.

Using your actual claims data, Healthcare Bluebook allows you to evaluate economic opportunities — as well as measure annual outcomes and ROI. And along the way, you can track how healthcare transparency helps your employees increase their savings and quality of care, while reducing your organization's healthcare costs.

Open Integration

Seamlessly connect and maximize your existing employer-sponsored programs.

Healthcare Bluebook promotes all of your other programs on a procedure and member-specific basis to maximize engagement. This includes everything from on-site clinics and telemedicine to centers of excellence and second surgical opinion services. Bluebook can also be fully integrated into your health portals.

We provide your staff—and your vendors’ staff—full access and training on Healthcare Bluebook to help you fully integrate smart and practical consumerism into all your programs.

Creating Savings

Save big with the easiest-to-use and most effective transparency solution on the market.

Healthcare Bluebook helps you drive savings for both your employees and your entire organization by:

  • Delivering proven value while making it easy to find high-quality, Fair Price providers
  • Providing up to 12% annual savings on total medical spend
  • Creating positive ROI in year one with just 1.5% employee engagement

Take transparency for a test drive

From Fair Price comparison to industry-leading quality rankings, Healthcare Bluebook gives you everything you need to quickly find and connect with Fair Price Providers. See for yourself just how easy it can be.

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More Health; More Savings

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I'd like to receive occasional communications from Healthcare Bluebook via email.