• Practical & Simple

    A solution your employees can use and understand to find the right care at the right price
    Focused on healthcare decisions that matter to effectively reduce cost
    Mobile app has the info you need, when you need it most
    Intuitive color coding for ease of understanding
  • Flawless On-time Implementations

    Fast and efficient
    100% on time implementation record
    0% delayed or revised implementation dates
  • Integration

    Integrates and highlights your programs & technology
    Ensure all your programs include consumerism; no limitations on access for your vendors / partners
    Use a technology that can be fully integrated into your platform, not just single sign-on to someone else’s website
  • Incentives and Engagement

    Fully supports Reference Based Pricing for progressive employers
    Positive cash rewards program pays for outcomes, not process
    Healthcare Bluebook has the market leading solutions to engage patients in consumerism
  • Real Value

    The most cost effective solution available
    The most savings with the least member disruption
    Keep your members safe when offering a HDHP/CDHP
  • You are paying way too much for healthcare services

    Many In-network services vary in price by 500% or more
    Finally a tool to educate your employees on price variability to compare providers
    Lower your company’s total medical by 12% or more
    The highest quality care often costs less
    You and your employees can save money!