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Compare Medicare, Individual Health Insurance, Medicaid and Small Business Health Insurance Plans - HealthPocket

Get Help with Health Insurance

Whether you are looking for Medicare insurance, individual health insurance, Medicaid, or small business health plans, HealthPocket will help you find the right option for your needs. HealthPocket understands health insurance can be confusing with unfamiliar terms and complicated benefits. HealthPocket is here to make things simpler and clearer. HealthPocket will help you compare health plan premiums and quickly learn about insurance basics, out-of-pocket costs, and find the plan that is right for you.

  • Using HealthPocket, there is no need to jump to multiple websites to compare health plans. They do the work for you.
  • HealthPocket has the largest number of health plans online --more plans than HealthCare.gov and Medicare.gov combined.
  • HealthPocket will rank all your health plan options based on personal factors such as your health conditions and medications, and recommends the plan that will save you the most on out-of-pocket costs.
Go to www.healthpocket.com or call (800) 983-4702 to learn more.
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