• Care Management and Disease Management

    Support your clients with HDHP programs
    Include consumerism in your interventions
    Technology and solutions that can be incorporated in your call center, your website, and your programs
    Enhance your results with proven, measurable ROI
  • Onsite Clinics and Patient Centered Medical Homes

    Primary clinicians have the best opportunity to help patients get cost effective care
    Part of that value proposition is referring to the most cost effective community providers
    Healthcare Bluebook puts the information you need in the primary clinicians hands
    Our proven outcomes are the reason more primary care providers use Healthcare Bluebook than any other transparency solution
  • Wellness Programs

    Wellness programs are tasked to foster the health and wealth of their members
    Wellness coaches need to know how to make sure patients can afford the care that they need to stay healthy
    Healthcare Bluebook can inject consumerism principles into your program including both technology and content
    Our proven outcomes are the reason more wellness programs use Healthcare Bluebook than any other transparency solution
  • Reinsurance Companies and Captive Insures

    You look at plan design to evaluate patient incentives
    But do the patients have the tools they need to reduce costs?
    Healthcare Bluebook can ensure that patients save when they need care
    Result: offer more competitive rates to your clients
  • Online Appointment Scheduling Companies

    Healthcare Bluebook offers transparency solutions to patients in more than 300 major markets
    Want more appointments for your providers? We can help patients find them