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The Challenge

Protecting your market share.

Competition is mounting as many transparency companies are now focusing on creating destination portals of their own that could potentially threaten your market share. How do you protect and grow your customer base in a marketplace driven by the growing demand for healthcare cost and quality transparency?

The Solution

Compete smarter, not harder.

Healthcare Bluebook makes it possible to compete smarter with a transparency solution that quickly adds competitive value to your suite of services. Now you can meet the growing demand for cost and quality transparency and increase your market share with a cost-effective solution that works within your existing platform.


Hit the ground running.

One of the biggest challenges to adopting a transparency solution is the cost and time of implementation.

Healthcare Bluebook's private label, plug-and-play solution gets you up and running fast. With full customization, you can seamlessly implement Healthcare Bluebook into your existing platform as well as integrate with your customers — letting you work and collaborate the way you want.


See results right out of the gate.

When it comes to implementing a transparency solution, maximizing customer value while minimizing cost is critical to driving ROI.

Healthcare Bluebook enhances your value proposition with a cost-efficient, full technology integration that allows you to easily and economically deliver the cost and quality transparency your customers are coming to expect. Now you can offer more value to your customers at a low cost to you.

Turn on transparency today.

See how easy it is to add instant value to your platform and drive customer satisfaction with Healthcare Bluebook's industry-leading usability and seamless integration.

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I'd like to receive occasional communications from Healthcare Bluebook via email.