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Other Resources and Information

Medical Bill Negotiation Services

The Healthcare Bluebook recommends that you talk with your provider if you can’t pay your bill or you believe the charges are too high. You can find tips to help you discuss your medical bill with your provider here.

There are some situations in which you may want to work with a company that specializes in negotiating a reduction in your medical bills for you. These situations may include instances where:

If you decide to work with a medical bill negotiation company, we recommend the following:

  • Ensure the company has a good reputation and experience
  • Don’t pay any fees upfront. You should only pay a fee if the company is successful in reducing your medical bill.
  • Ensure the company negotiating on your behalf receives a signed document from the provider that outlines the new, reduced medical bill (often called a release) PRIOR to receiving services
  • You contacted your provider and tried to get a reduction, but did not receive a fair offer from your provider.
  • You do not understand your medical bill and believe there may be mistakes.
  • You are unwilling or otherwise unable to discuss your bill with your provider.

The Healthcare Bluebook has partnered with an organization that provide medical bill negotiation services for our users. Bill negotiation companies will review and negotiate your bill of $200 or more for free. You will pay a percentage of the amount they save for you, but only if they are successful at reducing your bill.

To learn more about their services visit Medical Cost Advocate. After your review, you may sign up for a service as a Healthcare Bluebook referral.

The Healthcare Bluebook performs a rigorous quality, cost and consumer review of all of service partners. All Healthcare Bluebook partners must demonstrate a clear consumer benefit, competitive costs for their services and exceptional customer service.

Partner sites:

Medical Cost Advocate

The resources listed below may help you find information on your healthcare provider’s quality of care. It is always best to review quality information when selecting your physician, hospital or other healthcare provider.

If you know of additional resources for pricing healthcare, please let us know by submitting here.

Questions? Send us a note.

State Resources

Hospital Quality - This information is provided by the federal government based upon data they collect from hospitals.

State/Agency First Pricing Resource Additional Pricing Resource
Alabama Not Available Not Available
Alaska Not Available Not Available
Arizona Click Here Click Here
Arkansas Click Here Click Here
California Click Here Not Available
Colorado Not Available Not Available
Connecticut Not Available Not Available
Delaware Not Available Not Available
District of Columbia Not Available Not Available
Florida Click Here Not Available
Georgia Click Here Not Available
Hawaii Click Here Not Available
Idaho Not Available Not Available
Illinois Click Here Not Available
Indiana Not Available Not Available
Iowa Click Here Click Here
Kansas Not Available Not Available
Kentucky Click Here Not Available
Louisiana Click Here Not Available
Maine Click Here Not Available
Maryland Click Here Not Available
Massachusetts Click Here Not Available
Medicare Click Here Not Available
Michigan Click Here Not Available
Minnesota Click Here Click Here
Mississippi Not Available Not Available
Missouri Not Available Not Available
Montana Click Here Not Available
National Quality Comparison Click Here Not Available
Nebraska Not Available Not Available
Nevada Click Here Not Available
New Hampshire Click Here Click Here
New Jersey Click Here Not Available
New Mexico Click Here Not Available
New York Not Available Not Available
North Carolina Click Here Not Available
North Dakota Not Available Not Available
Ohio Click Here Click Here
Oklahoma Not Available Not Available
Oregon Click Here Not Available
Pennsylvania Click Here Not Available
Puerto Rico Not Available Not Available
Rhode Island Not Available Not Available
South Carolina Click Here Not Available
South Dakota Click Here Not Available
Tennessee Click Here Not Available
Texas Click Here Not Available
Utah Click Here Not Available
Vermont Click Here Click Here
Virginia Click Here Not Available
Washington Click Here Click Here
West Virginia Not Available Not Available
Wisconsin Click Here Not Available
Wyoming Not Available Not Available
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