The Problem We're Solving

The healthcare system makes it difficult to find information on quality and cost of care, which puts consumers and corporations at a fundamental disadvantage. Not only is secrecy in healthcare unfair – it results in both higher costs and dangerous gaps in quality of care.

Where Healthcare Bluebook Began

For our CEO, Jeff Rice, MD, bridging the information gap and bringing transparency to healthcare is personal. When Jeff's son was 12 years old, he needed foot surgery. As Jeff was setting up the surgery, he found out that the facility costs were going to be over $15,000.

In discussing the surgery with his son's doctor, he determined that the surgeon also operated at another facility that had an excellent quality rating and price tag of only $1,500. Same surgery, same surgeon, vastly different price - a realization that started a revolution.

Bringing fairness back to healthcare

Inspired by this experience, Jeff embarked on a mission to help others by leveling the playing field with cost and quality transparency that would allow them to make informed healthcare decisions. Since 2007, Healthcare Bluebook has helped millions of people by making it easy for them to find high-quality care at a Fair Price™.

Transforming healthcare with transparency

Bluebook believes simple is smart. It's transformational. This belief is the driving force behind what makes Healthcare Bluebook different. It's why our transparency solution is not only the most informative in the industry, but also the most intuitive and easy to use.

By combining the best cost and quality data with industry-leading usability, Healthcare Bluebook provides people and organizations with everything they need to be more effective healthcare consumers.

Our Purpose

To protect patients by exposing the truth and empowering choice.

Our Values

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Be resilient and agile with change

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Serve with gratitude

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Add real value

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Do what we say we will

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