A message from Bluebook co-founder and CEO, Dr. Jeff Rice.

Why Become a Value Certified Provider?

At Bluebook, physicians are rated by how often they refer patients to high-cost or low-cost facilities. Providers who are committed to referring patients to cost-effective facilities are designated as Value Certified Providers and are prominently featured in Bluebook search results.

Mary Ellen Stratford, MD
Family Medicine
124 S Warwick Ave
Cookeville, TN 36431
68 mi
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William D. Turing, MD
Family Medicine
4309 The Gladstone Clinic
Nashville, TN 35921
7 mi
Icon Yellow Triangle
David M. Bead, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
203 Elm Drive
Hopkinsville, KY 42245
69 mi
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Procedure Pricing Table

Why are referrals so important? Because price variation is huge.

Price variability for common medical procedures can vary by 5x on average within a given market. When consumers use Bluebook to search for procedure pricing, the price variations are clear.

Professional fees may not vary by much.

We’ve found that price variation isn’t typically caused by professional fees, as the difference in these fees is often minimal across practices in any given market. So what exactly causes some of your patients to pay more for quality care than others?

Professional Fees Doctors

Where you send your patients has the biggest impact on their costs.

It turns out that the facility itself matters most when it comes to procedure pricing. For example, while radiologists may charge roughly the same reading fee, a knee MRI performed in a hospital setting may cost more than $2,500. The same procedure performed at a different facility may cost around $500.

Professional Fees Doctor Pricing
Professional Fees Doctor Pricing

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