Directing patients to high-quality
cost-effective providers

Participate in an exclusive program that connects members to high-value providers and receive prompt payments prior to surgery.

Value-Certified Program (VCP)

Bluebook’s VCP delivers next-generation healthcare transparency to employers and health plan sponsors by identifying and partnering with the highest quality providers and negotiating a single bundled payment for surgical cases.

When a member needs care, Bluebook’s Personal Care Concierge walks them through the process of searching for, selecting, and scheduling their care with value-certified providers.

One call to Bluebook can help members find value-certified providers specializing in orthopedic, spine, gynecologic, cardiac, bariatric, and general surgery.

Patient meeting doctor for medical prescription

VCP provider benefits

VCP offers the following benefits to high-quality providers:

  • Prompt payment in full prior to surgery
  • No deductibles, copays, or coinsurance to chase after
  • Access to employers and patients across the U.S.

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