Engagement can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be

Bluebook makes it easy for you to connect with your health plan members to encourage them to shop for healthcare.

Our engagement methodology works

100% of Bluebook’s enterprise clients achieve a positive ROI in year one. Employers who pull out all the stops and implement our engagement best practices achieve on average an ROI of 6:1 or higher and $10 in savings for every $1 spent on rewards.

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How do we do it?



Launch strong with welcome kits, interactive games, guided tours and videos



Communicate often through emails, flyers, postcards and app notifications



Boost results through incentives and rewards, and encourage employees to share their stories


Bluebook Central: Your communications hub

As a Bluebook client, you’ll have access to Bluebook Central and our Engagement Toolkit that offers a wide assortment of pre-designed resources.

We provide all the tools you need for a successful multi-channel engagement approach.

Access Bluebook - anytime, anywhere

Use our free smartphone app, mobile responsive website and phone support to stay connected to Bluebook whenever and wherever you need it.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with your other benefits tools so that users can easily access the information they need.


We make learning fun

Interactive videos and games make shopping for and choosing healthcare options enjoyable.


Did you know?

Employees are 11x more likely to shop for care after playing a Bluebook interactive game.

Reinforce smart shopping with rewards and incentives

Bluebook’s Go Green to Get Green program incentivizes users for choosing a green provider. Designed around the procedures your benefits members use most, Go Green to Get Green is a proven way to change shopping behavior.

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Learn how Bluebook can help you connect with your health plan members