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You're overpaying for healthcare.

Which means your employees are overpaying too. In-network procedure prices can vary by 10x or more, and your employees are shopping in the dark.

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But it doesn't have to be this way.

Healthcare Bluebook’s online healthcare shopping solution enables employers to cut healthcare costs by empowering your employees to easily navigate to high-quality, cost effective facilities and physicians.

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Healthcare Bluebook's online healthcare shopping solution enables employers to cut healthcare costs by empowering your employees to easily navigate to high-quality, cost-effective providers.

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1. Employees shop for cost-effective, high-quality care

Bluebook's Fair Price estimates and quality rankings turn employees into smarter healthcare consumers.

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2. Employers save each time employees use Bluebook

Each time an enrolled member shops for care with Bluebook, employers save an average of $1,500.

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3. Bluebook's procedure-specific reporting tracks your savings

At 1-2% annual employee utilization, employers can see a 1:1 year one program ROI.

What Sets Bluebook Apart:

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Healthcare price transparency that's easy to use

Bluebook's green, yellow, and red format uses behavioral economics to cut your annual healthcare spending by up to 12%.

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Best in class data for savings and safety

Our Fair Price estimates are based on real claims data on thousands of shoppable, in-network procedures, and our quality calculations are drawn from the largest audited data set in the industry.

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Engagement resources that drive utilization

Our member awareness resources and integrated incentives program drive employee utilization and rapid program ROI.

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Seamless integration with your existing benefits programs

Healthcare Bluebook promotes your other benefits programs to help maximize employee engagement across the board.

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Accountability through clear analytics and outcomes reporting

Our customized data analytics identify where you stand to save the most money while also measuring Bluebook program results.

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Bluebook delivers results


positive ROI in year one for Bluebook clients with 3,000+ members

Employers trust Bluebook


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Bluebook means reliability


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Everything we do is data-driven, because smarter data analytics means smarter decisions.

Learn how a large Midwest education system used Healthcare Bluebook and our employee engagement resources to drive 200% more members from high-cost to high-value providers.

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Bluebook is trusted by 4,500+ organizations to reduce their healthcare spending.

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"I would absolutely recommend Bluebook. It's a really great tool, super user-friendly. I work with a lot of our vendors, launching different types of programs... The Bluebook team is the best in terms of making our jobs easier."

Benefits Manager, 9,000+ Employee Company | Bluebook Client

"Bluebook seemed almost too simple when we first evaluated it…After our experience with [a competitor], I realized that its simplicity was by design and part of Bluebook’s benefit. Two clicks and I get the results I want. It’s easier for employees to navigate, and the look and feel is familiar to them as everyday consumers."

Benefits Manager | Bluebook Client

"We couldn’t tell our employees to bear more responsibility for their healthcare costs and not offer them a benefit that helped them become smarter healthcare consumers. The Healthcare Bluebook team delivered on their promises while keeping problems off my desk. It’s been a terrific solution to help us reduce our healthcare spend."

VP, Compensation and Benefits | Bluebook Client

"A key part of our benefits strategy is providing our health plan members with cost and quality navigation. Healthcare Bluebook has been an outstanding partner in providing a user-friendly online healthcare shopping experience to promote value-based decision-making."

Director of Human Resources | Bluebook Client

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